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Financial Literacy training provides valuable skills for youth

Friday, December 14, 2012

On December 10 and 12, a total of 13 youth completed the agency’s financial literacy training course.  This training, which is for youth between the ages of 15-18, was created to help youth learn how to manage their money in an effective way and is funded by the Peel Children’s Aid Foundation.

The training was hosted at the agency’s youth room which is located at the Brampton West Drive location. Held once a week for five weeks, the course is aimed at helping youth prepare for independence. Youth who attended the training were able to identify and learn about their relationship with money. They also learned about credit card debt, credit reporting, managing debt as well as budgeting and saving money.

This program creates the opportunity to integrate financial literacy training into the daily care of children and youth at the agency. By the time children and youth involved with our agency reach the age of 15 they will have the financial skills they need when they get their first job. This training was the fourth time the course has been offered and will be the last for the year. Training will resume February 2013.  

For more information on this course please contact the Youth Success Coordinator.